Article • 5 min

Urban cool islands: cooling down the cities

As prolonged heatwaves become more common, towns, cities and regions are adapting their outdoor spaces and centering rewilding in their climate adaptation strategies. A €1.5 billion green fund was…

Article • 2 min

Using intrapreneurship to recover worksite and industrial waste

Waste Marketplace was born out of a grassroots approach to waste management, and it has become a benchmark application in the French market for managing waste from worksites and industrial sites. It is…

Article • 5 min

The Ecole des métiers de l'autoroute: ensuring everyone’s safety on the road

Created by VINCI Autoroutes in April 2022, the École des métiers de l'autoroute (EMA) at Brive-la-Gaillarde (Corrèze) has already taken on more than a hundred motorway workers and operational…

Article • 5 min

On the way to social entrepreneurship - joint interview

Created in 2010 on an abandoned motorway with the support of VINCI Autoroutes, the Jardins de la Voie Romaine Association, which combines organic market gardening and vocational integration, has become…

production d'hydrogene
Hydrogen: a high-potential vector for decarbonisation

Hydrogen has everything it takes to become a major vector in the decarbonisation of the economy, provided it can be mass-produced without fossil resources and distributed efficiently. Grey, green, blue or pink, to reduce the carbon footprint of transport or industry; find out how this sector is organizing to become a powerful vector for a low-carbon economy.

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