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Electric mobility hitting the road

Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 is one of the major commitments of the Paris Agreement on climate change. IPCC experts consider it an essential factor in fighting global warming. Electric mobility…

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Photovoltaics: space-saving solutions

Although essential to the energy mix and to achieving the objectives of the ecological transition, the development of photovoltaics is faced with a problem... a major one! Installing solar panels…

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Digital traceability – guaranteeing transparency for consumers

Consumers regularly look out for information about the origin of the products they buy. To respond to this increasing demand for transparency, which also concerns the environmental and social impact of…

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New Zealand: a metro on the road to social reconciliation

City Rail Link is New Zealand's biggest urban infrastructure project. Auckland's first underground metro will promote the development of the city and low-carbon mobility in this metropolis of one and a…

production d'hydrogene
Hydrogen: a high-potential vector for decarbonisation

Hydrogen has everything it takes to become a major vector in the decarbonisation of the economy, provided it can be mass-produced without fossil resources and distributed efficiently. Grey, green, blue or pink, to reduce the carbon footprint of transport or industry; find out how this sector is organizing to become a powerful vector for a low-carbon economy.

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